The Illustrated Star Wars Universe

Note: The Endor portion is narrated by an Imperial scout who mentions a "raid on Hoth."  This might seem to indicate that the story takes place after The Empire Strikes Back.  However, the "Tale of IG-88" indicates that Death Star II was in construction over Endor during the time of The Empire Strikes Back.  Thus the "raid on Hoth" must be another, much older raid (perhaps against pirates.)




The Life and Legend of Obi-Wan Kenobi


Note: As with the Scholastic's Rise and Fall of Darth Vader, this book comes in a slip-case. The left is the slip-case cover.



Shadows of the Empire






  Note: These two Shadows of the Empire Special comics from Kenner are titled exactly the same, but contain different excerpts from the first two issues of Dark Horse's Shadows of the Empire mini-series.  Aside from the cover art, the numbers listed above are the only differentiating marks and appear on the lower left hand corners of each issue.



Shadows of the Empire Galoob Micro-Machines Mini-Comic I-III

Note: Each of these three mini-issues have different covers, but the same interior story by Ryder Windham and illustrator Bill Hughes.  This has not been reprinted elsewhere.



Shadows of the Empire AMT/ERTL Model Kit Mini-Comic

Note: This rarest of the four Shadows of the Empire mini-comics was distributed in certain of ERTL's model kits.  Purportedly, the X-wing, TIE Fighter, and Jabba's Palace each have one, but I haven't been able to confirm any of those at this time.  I can confirm that the Return of the Jedi Millennium Falcon has one, as does the "Encounter with Yoda on Dagobah."  Either way, look for advertisement for it on the top of the box.  Note that this comic is not the same as the three Micro-machine mini-comics above. Written by John Wagner and illustrated by Ron Randall, it's entirely exclusive to this and hasn't been reprinted anywhere else.  Story-wise, it covers the period of Fett's departure from Gall to Luke's departure from Tatooine in chapter 16 of the Shadows of the Empire novel.



Shadows of the Empire: Evolution #1-5




The Bounty Hunters


Scoundrel's Wages

Aurra Sing

Kenix Kil



The Bounty Hunter Wars


Continuity Notes: The frame story that runs throughout this trilogy appears to indicate that it takes place during the events of the Battle of Endor (as seen in Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi) when in fact it's likely some weeks later.  In the Dark Empire Sourcebook, Fett was said to have been in a coma for a month after being rescued by Dengar.  Following the Imperials' defeat at Endor, it may have taken some time for news to reach across the galaxy and into the Outer Rim Territories.  This may account for the fact that Fett and Dengar only know the Rebel and Imperial forces are having a confrontation near Endor until the end of the trilogy where they're informed that in fact the Rebels were victorious.




Mara Jade: By the Emperor's Hand




Shiny as a Droid



Journal: Captive to Evil


Journal: The Fight for Justice


Journal: Hero for Hire



Monsters and Aliens from George Lucas




Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide



The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide