Pizzazz 1 - 16 (10/77 - 1/79)

(The Keeper's World)

    (The Keeper's World)

Dread Discovery

A Matter of


    Pursuit Among

the Ruins

Do You Know What Your

Children Are?  

Cavern of Mystery

The Keeper's Secret

The Final Fury

The Kingdom of Ice

The Snow Demons


Death Trap

Snow Fury

The Ice Worm Cometh   


(reprint of Pizzazz 1-9)

(alternate cover)

Note: Issues 1-9 comprises the first story-arch, entitled The Keeper's world, and as of now are the only Pizzazz issues reprinted by Dark Horse Comics.


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Marvel Illustrated Books: Star Wars

(Four New Adventures in Full Color)


Reprints the following:


Way of the Wookiee: Marvel UK 94 - 96 (Archie Goodwin/ Carmine Infantino, Pablo Marcos)


Day After the Death Star: Marvel UK 97 - 99 (Archie Goodwin/ Carmine Infantino, Gene Day)


Weapons Master: Marvel UK 104 - 106 (Archie Goodwin/ Carmine Infantino, Steve Mitchell)


War on Ice: Marvel UK 60: Pursuit (Archie Goodwin/ Dave Cockrum) (Conclusion to the Pizzazz strips)


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Marvel Illustrated Books: Star Wars 2

World of Fire


Part One: World of Fire

Part Two: The Word for World is Death

Part Three: The Guardian of Forever

(By Chris Claremont/ artwork by Carmine Infantino, Gene Day)


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