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The Lost Jedi Adventure Game Books

The Lost Jedi Adventure Game Books were a 'Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" style two-book series, comprising Jedi Dawn and The Bounty Hunter.  These titles were released only in the UK.  Jedi Dawn features an error; it's missing entry #300, which is necessary for completing the adventure correctly.  This is corrected in the compilation book The Lost Jedi, which collected both titles.

Jedi Dawn

While there may be a few ways for Havet Storm to achieve the final outcome, the ideal path is no easy task to find, and the following presents the most cinematic and heroic pathway through that allows the reader to read through the adventure without the need for dice rolls and other time-consuming game elements, without dying (of course), and without repeating circuits that the player oftentimes falls into when making less-than-ideal choices the first time. The reader is by all means free to play the game and find another path if she so chooses. This timeline is interested in providing a story for those who don't have the time to devote to that. Note: Havet Storm is required to have the strength, dexterity and skill to accomplish certain tasks. As we know Storm succeeded, since he appears in not only Book 2: Bounty Hunter, but later Expanded Universe stories, these pathways reflect the fact that he succeeded in those areas.


1-31-80-(503)-46-141-216-218-94-(516)-101-17-34-97-2-39-185-(569)-307-142-173-(565)-204-(573)-(574)-(575)-300-346-(557)-182-(616)-211-72-150-161-224-(515)-350-(525)-11-169-190-(521)-221-417-309-(517)-(530)-227-199-225-52-86-50-59-99-530-546-182-166-216-9-35-(578)-91-(563)-203-(580)-99-216-77-105-140-106-124-(502)-122-128-(582)-122-121-(572)-(590)-230-248-265-269-312-(592)-274-(553)-(595)-313-(603)-334-(554)-315-336-348-381-348-370-348-335-358-356-368-342-367-357-393-373-374-375-376-400-(608)-380-405-362-(606)-378-396-363-382-364-(608)-388-389-399-411-397-408 (End)


Although there are no official chapter titles, in the course of piecing the above into a workable framework, I've come up with several chapter names that might help readers delineate and remember the various sections:

I. Introduction: Meet Havet Storm: 1

II. Journey to Toprawa: 31

III. Al the Alchemist and Boba Fett: 141

IV. Murder in the Alley: 39

V. Diamond: 173

VI. 182 Riverside: 182

VII. Meeting Facet Anamor: 161

VIII. Carmine: 221

IX. Shuttle: 199

X. Hostel: 50

XI. Al the Alchemist and Boba Fett II: 9

XII. HQ Rebel Alliance, Toprawa: 106

XIII. Fett vs. Diamond: 269

XIV. Imperial Research Station: 274

XV. Facet's Room: 336

XVI. Druth Anamor: 367

XVII. Stealing the Death Star Plans: 400

XVIII. One for the Alliance: 397






Star Wars: A Long Time Ago


issues 1-20

Dark Encounters

issues 21-38 and Annual 1

Resurrection of Evil

issues 39 - 54


Screams in the Void

issues 55 - 67 and Annual 2


Fool's Bounty

issues 68 - 81and Annual 3


Wookiee World

issues 82 - 95


Far, Far Away

issues 96 - 107


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Classic Star Wars: A Long Time Ago (b&w series)


issue 91, Annual 1 & 3


issues 28, 38, 49 & 50


issues 51, 52, 60 & 66



issues 68, 69, 79 & 81



issues 58, 59 & Annual 2



issues 80, 83, 86 & 103


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