Star Wars Kids: The Magazine for Young Jedi Knights


Issues 1 - 20


#1-5 The Rebel Thief

Note: Mention of the character Sprool and the planet Dennogra in Star Wars Missions #11: "Bounty Hunters vs. Battle Droids" demonstrates that this story-arch has to have a measure of validity.  Many, including myself, however had rendered it Infinities due to some irreconcilable continuity errors.  Upon reexamination, I see that the only real contradictory passages occur in issue #1, which has Han say that he gave his reward money back to the Rebels (which we know is not true it was stolen by Crimson Jack in the early Marvel issues.)  The scene also depicts the immediate events after A New Hope, events that have been detailed in the Pizzazz and the aforementioned Marvel comics.  Removing only issue #1 from this story arch does not hurt the story at all, and in fact improves it by eliminating all the contradictory elements.  Thus, only #1 is Infinities.


#6-10 X-Wing Marks the Spot

Note: With the reacceptance into continuity of issues 2-5 of "The Rebel Thief," the following story-arch likewise fits back into continuity.


Imperial Spy

Note: These 1998 stories which feature Mike Barr's take on the Rebels' evacuation of Yavin 4 are irreconcilably contradictory to the evacuation depicted in Archie Goodwin's newspaper strips, reprinted in Classic Star Wars volumes 1-3.  Considered Infinities.


Death Star Pirates



Star Wars Kids #12

Note: Despite the same title, this is not the same magazine as the Star Wars Kids above ("Meet Grand Moff Tarkin") which contains part two of "Imperial Spy". 

This magazine is from a later Scholastic series, none besides this issue, contained comics.



Lego Magazine, Lego Club Magazine and Lego BrickMaster Magazine


Asteroid Ambush





The Hunt for R2-D2: Chapters 1-6



The Kamino Code Mystery



An Ice Encounter



Lego Star Wars: Save the Galaxy