Animated Adventures: Droids

     2004 saw the DVD release of eight episodes of the Droids animated series.  Converted into two feature-length presentations, each center on a common storyline and lack the original broadcast titles and music. 


     The Pirates and the Prince contain episodes 5-8 of the Mon Julpa storyline: The Lost Prince, The New King, The Pirates of Tarnoonga, and The Revenge of Kybo Ren.  Treasure of the Hidden Planet entails the Adventures of Mungo Baobab storyline, including episodes 10-13: The Tail of the Roon Comet, The Roon Games, Across the Roon Sea, and The Frozen Citadel. 


   Another DVD should have been forthcoming containing the Trigon One storyline (episodes 1-4) and the feature-length The Great Heep, however whether due to poor sales or negative fan reception (by fans wanted and expected a full-season box set) this never materialized.  Rick McCallum has stated that following the release of ROTS, we should expect full season box sets of Droids and Ewoks, though so far, as of the 31th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, nothing has yet surfaced




Droids: The Pirates and the Prince (animated classics)

Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO: The Lost Prince

The 1996 release, Droids: The Pirate and the Prince issued on video contained three of the original cartoons episodes in consecutive order (removing the original title headers and opening song), namely Episodes 5: "Mon Julpa: The Lost Prince" (which had been released separately on video in 1990 as Droids: The Adventures of R2-D2 and C-3PO: The Lost Prince), Episode 6: "The New King," and Episode 7: "The Pirates and the Prince." 




The White Witch: A Droid Adventure


The Lost Prince: A Droid Adventure


The Pirates of Tarnoonga: A Droid Adventure


Escape from the Monster Ship: A Droid Adventure



UK-exclusive Droids Books

The White Witch

Escape into Terror

The Trigon Unleashed

A Race to the Finish


Note: In the UK, four additional Droids episodes were adapted into book format by Dragon Books/Collins Publishing.  These utilize screen captures instead of illustrations traditionally used in standard adaptations (thus The White Witch is different in both text and illustrations from the Random House/Happy House publication).




Droids #1-8



Droids (Dark Horse)

(contains the following):


The Kalarba Adventures

Droids #1-6

Droids Special

Galaxy Magazine #1: Droids




Droids #1-4: Rebellion



Droids #5-8: Season of Revolt

Note: The above trade paperback was published exclusively in the UK by Boxtree.



The Protocol Offensive






Jabba the Hutt #1-4