Adventure Journal #1

First Contact – Timothy Zahn

A Glimmer of Hope – Charlene Newcomb

Escape from Balis-Baurgh  – Paul Balsamo

Breaking Free – Dave Marron

Chessa's Doom – Peter Schweighofer


Adventure Journal #2

Whispers in the Dark – Charlene Newcomb

Out of the Cradle – Patricia Jackson

Big Quince – Peter Schweighofer


Adventure Journal #3

Mission to Zila – Charlene Newcomb

When the Domino Falls – Patricia Jackson

The Pentastar Alignment – Anthony P. Russo

Changing the Odds – Dave Marron

Droid Trouble – Chuck Sperati

Explosive Developments – Peter Schweighofer


Adventure Journal #4

Tinian on Trial – Kathy Tyers

The Final Exit – Patricia A. Jackson

It's a Gambler's Life – Anthony P. Russo

Shadows of Darkness – Charlene Newcomb

Starter's Tale – Peter Schweighofer


Adventure Journal #5

One of a Kind – Paul Danner

A Bitter Winter – Patricia Jackson

Turning Point – Charlene Newcomb

Vengeance Strike – Peter Schweighofer


Adventure Journal #6

To Fight Another Day – Kathy Tyers

Rendezvous with Destiny – Charlene Newcomb

Ringers – Laurie Burns

Finder's Fee – Peter Schweighofer

Kella Rand Reporting – Laurie Burns


Adventure Journal #7

Mist Encounter – Timothy Zahn

Missed Chance – Michael Stackpole

Retreat from Coruscant – Laurie Burns

Old Corellian: A Guide for the Curious Scholar

 – Patricia A. Jackson

Passages – Charlene Newcomb


Adventure Journal #8

A Certain Point of View – Charlene Newcomb

Uhl Eharl Khoehng – Patricia A. Jackson

Blaze of Glory – Tony Russo

Firepower – Carolyn Golledge


Adventure Journal #9

Slaying Dragons – Angela Phillips

Combat Moon – John Whitman

Lumrunners – John Beyer & Wayne Humfleet

Easy Credits – Paul Danner


Adventure Journal #10

Only Droids Serve the Maker – Kathy Tyers

Do No Harm – Erin Endom

The Capture of Imperial Hazard – Nora Mayers

Desperate Measures – Carolyn Golledge


Adventure Journal #11

Command Decision – Timothy Zahn

Spare Parts – Pablo Hidalgo

The Most Dangerous Foe – Angela Phillips

The Longest Fall – Patricia A. Jackson

Bungo n' Rusti Get Carry-Out – Jim Anderson


Adventure Journal #12

Side Trip Part One – Timothy Zahn

Side Trip Part Two – Michael Stackpole

Betrayal by Knight – Patricia A. Jackson &

                                Charlene Newcomb

Small Favors – Paul Danner

Shape Shifters – Pablo Hidalgo

Idol Intentions – Patricia Jackson


Adventure Journal #13

Side Trip Part Three – Michael A. Stackpole

Side Trip Part Four – Timothy Zahn

Conflict of Interest – Laurie Burns

The Last Hand – Paul Danner

Special Ops: Shipjackers – John Beyer/ Kathy


The Day of Sepulchral Night – Jean Rabe

The Occupation of Rhamalai – M.H. Watkins


Adventure Journal #14

Murder in Slushtime – Barbara Hambly

The Breath of Gelgelar – Jean Rabe

Special Ops: Drop Points – John Beyer/ Kathy


From the Files of Corellia Antilles – Timothy S.


No Disintegrations, Please – Paul Danner

Crimson Bounty – Charlene Newcomb & Rich



Adventure Journal #15

Alien Encounters: The Shard –Stephen Kenson

Firestorm – Kevin J. Anderson

Laughter After Dark – Patricia Jackson

The Great Herdship Heist – Daniel Wallace

Two for One – Paul Danner

The Draw – Angela Phillips



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